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K P Sivaramakrishnan

Meet Mr. K P Sivaramakrishnan, or Siva, as he is affectionately known among his clients and colleagues, is an accomplished Intellectual Property expert. With a rich experience in the field since 2016, he has worked with top law firms, broadcasting channels. His extensive experience covers various industries, including entertainment, packaging, FMCG, healthcare, and finance, where he has a proven track record of resolving IP-related disputes effectively.

He transitioned from a career as a musician and music producer, to practicing law. During his time in law school, he recognized the lack of awareness and low access to proper legal assistance for artists and production companies. This inspired him to specialise in Intellectual Property Rights and contracts law.

Siva takes an unconventional approach to serve his clients by going beyond the regular responsibilities of a lawyer. He has helped brands to create their trade marks/brand names and assisted their marketing teams in preparing brand strategies. Moreover, he has successfully negotiated deals ranging from associations with giant alcohol brands to representing artists before music distributors and labels during their album/song releases.

On the academic front, Mr. Sivaramakrishnan has featured in webinars and online forums, where he was seen sharing his experiences with young legal minds and providing them with an open understanding of the field. He has also conducted seminars in colleges to provide a unique perspective on IPR in today’s time.

Siva’s expertise was well-recognized, when he was credited as the legal advisor for a feature film. He works closely with Bollywood singers, musicians and publishers to understand the current status of royalties and benefits for artists in the music industry.

Partner with Mr. Sivaramakrishnan to ensure your intellectual property rights are safeguarded, and your business interests are protected.


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